Learning Through Landscapes: Local Schools Nature Grants Scheme

Learning Through Landscapes: Local Schools Nature Grants Scheme

The Local Schools Nature Grants Scheme allows Infant, Primary and Secondary schools in England, Scotland & Wales to apply for £500 worth of outdoor resources, and a two hour training session thanks to Postcode Local Trust.

What are Learning Through Landscapes looking for? Through the Local Schools Nature Grants Scheme, Learning Through Landscapes is looking for schools whose learners are aged 5+ and are passionate about making environmental improvements for the benefit of their pupils, staff and the community. They want to work with schools who will make great use of the equipment and training supplied by this programme. The ideal partners will include children in the decision-making and incorporate their local community. Applications will be assessed on the strength of the ideas expressed and not the writing skills. Applicants must be employed by the school.

Equipment selection: The scheme provides schools with £500 worth of outdoor equipment which is selected at application stage. Please choose the equipment that will bring the most benefit to your pupils, you will be unable to change this selection once your application has been submitted. Learning Through Landscapes have pre-approved all products and schools are welcome to mix, match and duplicate in what ever way works best for them within the £500 budget.

Community: Learning Through Landscapes recognise that a school is at the heart of the local community, and so what you do has the potential to inspire those who surround you. Benefits from your project may include: a place for parents and carers to meet during the school run, visual improvement for visitors and passers-by, volunteer opportunities in using the equipment, a community celebration of the changes made etc.

The deadline for the last funding round in 2018 is 30th November.

Full details at this link

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